Master Eric Pechacek

Master Eric Pechacek
November 10, 2014 wpadmin

5 Stars!!

I have been running a viable business in the same location in Dallas for over 18 years. And for 16 of those years, the best internet service I could get was either dial-up or high speed internet (which wasn’t much better than dial-up!).

I received offers from telephone/internet companies on regular basis saying that they could provide me with faster internet…. but ALL of them fell short and NONE of them followed through with helping me because the commercial strip center in which I operate in “does not have the proper wiring/connections.”

Christine Mason, single handedly, discovered the problem, approached Time Warnar Cable and negotiated on my behalf. And bam! Within 4 month, TWC sent a construction team in and hardwired Cable Internet into my strip center and now I have super fast internet! (as well as the other tenants!) Christine is a “Go-Getter” and is a master of “following up” and “following through!”

Would I recommend Christine Mason’s service?? ABSOLUTELY. She has the right attitude, the right work ethic, and the right connections! She’s Awesome!