• Christine has offered excellent customer service to our company. She is very responsive when we have any questions and she consistently follows up with us to ensure we are having an amazing experience. She has been a pleasure to work with and her reliability has enhanced the value and quality of our service.

    Digital Health Department, Inc. Charlotte, NC
  • I would very highly recommend Telecom Made Simple and Christine Mason to anyone with a business that has telecommunications needs. Christine can handle all your voice and data needs. She makes the whole process easy! We moved our office and had problems and Christine came to the rescue and explained our options and the pricing and got everything up and running! All I have to do when I have a problem is call Christine and I know it will be handled quickly and efficiently! Time is of the essense for us as we chart online and have to have our services up and running! Thanks Christine for all of your great service to our office!!

    Judy DennisOffice Manager, Park Road Chiropractic/Charlotte Natural Healing
  • I engaged Christine on what turned out to be an extremely challenging Telecom project. The service provider was presented with a set of challenges that they were not adequately prepared to handle effectively due to policy and systematic constraints. Christine, followed up with various agents of the service provider and escalated issues to senior management when necessary. She made a tumultuous situation palatable with her calming demeanor and reassurance that we would get through the “storm.” I highly recommend Christine for any telecom project you may have.

    Clarence CunnyPMP© CSM® (LION) NY
  • It’s been a pleasure working with Christine. Anyone can sell, but TMS LLC supports; that’s what sets her apart. Christine Mason always goes the extra mile to implement creative solutions to get her clients the best possible deal. She’s extremely conscientious and customer oriented. Christine saved me lots of money when I started working with her, and she’s done the same for everyone I recommended to her. And you’ve “gotta” love her sense of humor. She is certainly true to her name. She Made It Simple!

    Sheryl Lindsell-Roberts
  • Christine has been working with Another Broken Egg for over two years now and has been and absolute pleasure. Christine makes it so easy to set up a new account for our ever growing company and get the best rate. If there is ever an issue day or night, weekday or weekend Christine is there to help. I am excited that we have found Christine and hope to have a long future relationship with her.

    Jordan BielTerritory Manager NC/SC, Another Broken Egg Café
  • Christine is highly capable as a professional telecom sales agent, especially in closing large line deals such as fiber optic services.

    John Shepler
  • I have worked with Christine over the past several years on numerous projects. She is a delight to work with and is very personable. She understands the work we do, sets a plan, and achieves the desired results with a positive attitude.

    Josh Dickinson
  • Christine has character and integrity that is unsurpassed. She’s incredibly easy to work with, goes to bat for her customers, is well educated and is just an amazing person to be around. I’ve had the pleasure of working very close with her for over a year, and she’s one of my favorite people to work with. You will not find many other professionals like Christine in this industry. It’s been an absolute joy working with her, and I hope to continue working with her for years to come!

    Daniel Smith
  • 5 Stars!!

    I have been running a viable business in the same location in Dallas for over 18 years. And for 16 of those years, the best internet service I could get was either dial-up or high speed internet (which wasn’t much better than dial-up!).

    I received offers from telephone/internet companies on regular basis saying that they could provide me with faster internet…. but ALL of them fell short and NONE of them followed through with helping me because the commercial strip center in which I operate in “does not have the proper wiring/connections.”

    Christine Mason, single handedly, discovered the problem, approached Time Warnar Cable and negotiated on my behalf. And bam! Within 4 month, TWC sent a construction team in and hardwired Cable Internet into my strip center and now I have super fast internet! (as well as the other tenants!) Christine is a “Go-Getter” and is a master of “following up” and “following through!”

    Would I recommend Christine Mason’s service?? ABSOLUTELY. She has the right attitude, the right work ethic, and the right connections! She’s Awesome!

    Master Eric PechacekOwner/Operator, Carrollton ATA Martial Arts
  • Over the past year, I have been opening up new locations for my business. I decided to go with Telecom Made Simple, LLC for all of my cable, phone, and internet needs. Christine has made my decision to go with her company over any of her competitors a very easy choice. She has been very professional, very prompt with any of my needs, and an overall a pleasure to work with. It is because of her that I feel confident that I made the best decision when I chose to work with Christine Mason and her company because of the exceptional service we receive from Telecom Made Simple LLC in general.

    Bryan FitzsimmonsTerritory Manager/Southeast Florida